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It’s Here: WACN Tech CAP-DEC Version 3.4

It’s finally here folks. The program you’ve been waiting for.


The WACN Technology CAP-Systems are beyond fast, out-competing competition by several seconds. Speed improvements allow for Emergency Alerts to alert the public at a speed never seen before.


The WACN Technology CAP-Sysems can handle Multiple CAP Servers, all at once, full steam ahead. The faster and more reliable your polling system, the faster the message gets out.


WACN Technologies pushes the CAP-DEC to be the most customizable CAP-to-EAS system on the market. Use your own local CAP system, or even poll multiple servers for Emergency Alerts, all at once.


The CAP-DEC V3.4 is the first software by WACN Technologies and GWES ERN to get full FEMA IPAWS Support. That’s right, this program is complaint, and is fully supported by WACN Tech and GWES ERN for IPAWSCAP.

It’s HERE! Check out our PAGE, or contact us for more info!

The best ENDEC Loggers

WACN Technologies supplies the most powerful Encoder-Decoder Logging system for Discord ever made, In use by the Global Weather and EAS Society’s Emergency Alert Relay Network, the former Emergency Alert Society’s Internet Alert Relay Network, and formerly the Nationwide Encoder Relay Program.

Supports up to 6 Separate Encoder-Decoders, with a Raw Emergency Alert Data to Log system which is compatible with all EAS Systems.

Customizable to your heart’s content.


WACN Technologies Started out as a small IP Radio station hosted by Anastasia, or A-c0rN. WACN was made to run in the Nationwide Encoder Relay System, or NERP, and became one of the Original Stations to run and show the stability of Online Emergency Alert Relay Networks.

WACN Technologies was founded to make Emergency Alert System software for the Encoders in NERP, Such as the Sage EAS ENDEC, TFT EAS 911, Trilithic EASy Series Encoders, and many more. The need for fast alert dissemination and alert logging brought the need for such softwares.

WACN Technologies now runs under the GWES ERN System, and has been developing revisions and new software with developers we could have only ever dreamed about.

Encoders for every Need.

WACN Technologies challenges itself to have the most advanced Encoding Software known. Emulate up to four separate encoders, including the National Weather Service’s own CRS System, all with the press of a button. Made for people who pride themselves in the most realistic mocks on the internet, to push realism further, faster.

*Available Upon Request.

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