WACN Logging Systems

The WACN Technologies Emergency Alert System Loggers are a suite of software that allow you to log virtually any EAS Encoder/Decoder’s data to the Discord platform (More soon to come!).

Currently supported units:

Trilithic Inc. EASyPLUS, EASyCAST, and EASyIPTV

Sage Alerting Systems EAS ENDEC and Digital ENDEC

TFT Inc. EAS 911

Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II and OneNetSE (Older units not tested)

HollyAnne MIP-921e and SAM HU-961

Gorman Reidlich EAS-1

RAW EAS Header Data

With your help, these softwares have become available to more people, and to more units. For special requests, please contact us! We’d love to help out.