CAP-DEC V3.4. It’s here.

What is the CAP-DEC V3.4?

It’s all in the name.

CAP > Common Alerting Protocol

DEC > Decoder

V3.4 > Ana spent waay too many sleepless nights working on this project.

The CAP-DEC V3.4 is way more than just a CAP Decoder. It does logging, it does SAME, it does fancy Text To Speech stuff! It’s the culmination of several hard months of work, sweat, tears, and teamwork to get a common task complete. It’s the main joining link between the GWES ERN and WACN Team, and even brings in outside help from Wolf Fox Communications, and several others.

This program isn’t just an app, it’s a mission that we set on ourselves to provide the best Alerting Softwares available, and with the help of many a friend, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, this version is the successful completion of that goal.

Want some numbers?

The WACN CAP-DEC has shown at times to consistently preform faster than any other CAP-to-EAS box on the market, going from initial reception of an alert to Sending Message in less than 3 seconds.

Massive, 31 county SAME headers have shown to take in the milliseconds to generate, and Text to Speech taking the maximum time of 1 second.

Alerts are verified, Filter-Checked, logged in both audio and text, and sent in record time.

Interested in testing this technology out yourself? Consider messaging us for more info!