WACN Internet Radio

WACN IP Radio was created in 2019, with only a laptop from 2003, a SAGE EAS ENDEC Model 1822 from late 90s to early 2000s, and a couple of wires made from chopping Audio Jacks in half. With the help from the managers at the time, WACN IP Radio was deemed the 5th station to join the Nationwide Encoder Relay Program, or NERP, back when it was a group channel on Discord.

While in NERP, Ana (The owner of WACN) had realized that station originated alerts had began to become a hindrance, mainly in the aspect of speed. She decided to begin work on the original EAS Encoder Application under the NERP Softwares name. These original softwares were limited in their abilities, and had many program issues, but succeeded in allowing stations to send EAS alerts with TTS or User generated messages in under 1 minute at most, without getting the alert interrupted by EAS alerts from other stations.

These smaller projects allowed not only NERP to have a speedy Alert Generation software, but also allowed a new station, the now former station EXK24 by Arie (Or DerpyFireAlarms) to be run completely under software.